HTML5 for PrintBox is here

We were delighted when PrintBox informed us recently that they’ve now started the rollout of HTML5 for their fantastic value personalised printing software.

For those thinking “Yes. And…?” there is a good reason why this is significant.The current editor uses Adobe Flash, and while that works brilliantly (and is still the weapon-of-choice for making photobooks and other products with multiple formats options), Apple in particular don’t like it. They prefer their own Quicktime software, and it isn’t possible to use Flash on iPhones or iPads, something of a nuisance these days when a lot of e-commerce is done on phones or tablets!

HTML5 works on any browser on any deviceHTML5 is the latest W3C approved version of the language that underpins the world wide web, and therefore any device or software which allows a user to browse the web has to use it. Therefore any editing software built in HTML5 will automatically work on any web-surfing device, using any browser, and different versions are not needed for phones or tablets. Nor do you need to download an app, or install any extra plugins. It just works.

This allows anybody using PrintBox personalisation software to sell in the highly lucrative, highly tech-literate mobile phone and tablet space, instead of being restricted to desktop and laptop devices. As any marketer will tell you, mobile is definitely the future when it comes to both personalisation and selling!

PrintBox will be at DRUPA, Europe’s biggest pint exhibition and a must-see for anyone committed to keeping ahead of the curve in the print industry. If you’re going, Hall 7a Stand E10 is the place to head for to find out more about HTML5 implementation in PrintBox personalisation software. River Digital will also be there for a flying visit on 2 and 3 June, so if you’re going to be there around the same time and fancy a chat, or an altbier, or a combination of the two, get in touch and we’ll see you there!

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