Pink Pig International

One of our earliest and biggest success stories has been the personalised print portal created and hosted for Pink Pig International, one of the UK’s most significant manufacturers of artists’ sketchbooks. Designed and launched within two months of project approval, the new Pink Pig Personalised website proved an immediate success at tapping into the growing personalisation market for sketchbooks, and the catalogue of items available for personalisation currently contains well over four hundred items.

Pink Pig were able to leverage their already strong brand reputation with a highly targeted and effective use of social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram, to build a market for a personalised version of their highly successful and sought-after products almost straight away, and that market continues to grow. Already they are receiving orders from continental Europe and the US for their personalised sketchbooks, and as their international presence grows as a sketchbook manufacturer they can look forward  to significant added value from their personalised print portal designed and hosted by River Digital.