The PrintBox and Colorland Story

Many companies will wonder what benefits Printbox’s personalisation software can offer. To answer that question, the team at Printbox have created a case study of one of their most successful implementations. at one of Poland’s biggest print companies – Colorland. Printbox managed the transfer from desktop application to cloudbased software, trained the staff at Colorland and most challengingly, converted all their existing products from their old desktop application to the web-based e-commerce solution. The case study summarises just how much Printbox has contributed to Colorland’s recent growth (even in today’s tough markets):

Today, Colorland is the largest player in Poland’s personalized photo product market and has a market share above 70%. It has become a leader by overtaken CEWE from the market. Partnering with Printbox helped achieving this position by making the design process enjoyable and inexpensive to maintain.

  • 150% order increase during peak season
  • Over 40% reorder increase
  • 70% reduction in customer support overhead
  • Increased customer conversion in the editor

Implementing Printbox enabled the company to manage growth without hiring additional staff. Designing and ordering processes have been streamlined and the system integration has cut the time needed to resolve customer issues because of high efficiency and transparency.

 “Without a doubt, implementing Printbox has been an excellent business move. The solution is affordable and easy to manage. We also get professional support whenever it is needed. “

– Piotr Leszczyński, CEO